"Sexy and I Know It" is a dance-pop and electro-pop song by the American electronic music duo LMFAO. The song was released in 2011 as a single from their second studio album, "Sorry for Party Rocking." It became a viral hit and is known for its catchy hook and humorous lyrics. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "Sexy and I Know It" is primarily classified as a dance-pop and electro-pop song. It features a lively and upbeat production, characterized by electronic beats and playful vocal effects.

Lyrics and Theme: The song's lyrics humorously depict a confident and self-assured persona who is comfortable with their appearance and enjoys flaunting it. The repetition of the phrase "I'm sexy and I know it" serves as a catchy and memorable hook.

Catchy Chorus: The song's chorus, with the repeated line "I'm sexy and I know it," became an instant catchphrase and contributed to the song's widespread popularity.

Music Video: The music video for "Sexy and I Know It" features LMFAO members Redfoo and Sky Blu in various humorous and outrageous situations, showcasing their carefree and confident attitudes. The video's comedic visuals complement the song's lighthearted tone.

Commercial Success: "Sexy and I Know It" achieved significant commercial success, reaching high positions on music charts worldwide. It became a party anthem and a favorite for dance-oriented events.

Viral Sensation: The song's catchy chorus and humorous lyrics contributed to its virality, inspiring various parodies, covers, and dance routines shared on social media platforms.

Album "Sorry for Party Rocking": "Sexy and I Know It" is featured on LMFAO's album "Sorry for Party Rocking," released in 2011. The album also includes other hits like "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sorry for Party Rocking."

Impact and Legacy: "Sexy and I Know It" became one of LMFAO's most recognizable songs and contributed to their image as purveyors of energetic and fun dance music.

Live Performances: LMFAO performed "Sexy and I Know It" at concerts, award shows, and events, often incorporating their signature dance moves and party atmosphere into their performances.

The song's infectious chorus, danceable beat, and playful lyrics made "Sexy and I Know It" a standout hit in the dance-pop genre. It showcased LMFAO's ability to create music that resonated with audiences looking for upbeat and carefree party tracks.