"Safari" is a song by Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin featuring American musician Pharrell Williams, Puerto Rican rapper BIA, and Puerto Rican producer Sky. The song was released in 2016 as part of J Balvin's album "Energía."

"Safari" is known for its fusion of reggaeton, hip-hop, and Latin trap elements, creating a unique and catchy sound. The song's lyrics touch on themes of attraction and seduction, with each artist contributing their own verses in Spanish and English.

The collaboration between J Balvin, Pharrell Williams, BIA, and Sky added a cross-genre dimension to the song, making it stand out in the Latin music scene. Pharrell's involvement brought international attention to the track, while J Balvin's prominence as a reggaeton artist ensured its popularity within the Latin music community.

The music video for "Safari" features vibrant visuals, colorful aesthetics, and energetic choreography, reflecting the lively and infectious nature of the song. The video's eclectic style complements the song's fusion of different musical genres.

"Safari" received positive reviews from music critics and performed well on various charts. It further solidified J Balvin's status as a global reggaeton star and helped him reach a broader audience beyond the Spanish-speaking world.

The song's innovative blend of musical styles and its ability to get listeners dancing made "Safari" a hit, demonstrating the power of cross-genre collaborations in shaping the contemporary Latin music landscape.