"SAD!" is a song by American rapper XXXTentacion (pronounced "X-X-X-tentacion"). It was released in 2018 as a single from his second studio album, "?". The song was posthumously released after the tragic death of XXXTentacion earlier that year.

"SAD!" is characterized by its somber and introspective tone, addressing themes of mental health, loneliness, and the struggles that XXXTentacion faced in his life. The song blends elements of hip-hop and alternative R&B.

The lyrics of "SAD!" touch on feelings of sadness, betrayal, and the desire for love and support. The chorus, in particular, emphasizes the yearning for someone to stay with the artist despite his inner demons and insecurities.

The music video for "SAD!" is notable for its eerie and unsettling imagery, featuring XXXTentacion attending his own funeral and confronting a villainous version of himself. The video's themes reflect the dark and introspective nature of the song.

Despite the controversy surrounding XXXTentacion during his lifetime, "SAD!" received widespread acclaim from both fans and music critics. Many praised the raw emotion in the song, and it became one of his most commercially successful tracks.

Following XXXTentacion's passing, "SAD!" experienced a surge in popularity, reaching high positions on music charts in various countries. The song became a poignant reflection of the artist's struggles and resonated with many listeners who related to its themes of pain and vulnerability.

"SAD!" remains a significant part of XXXTentacion's legacy and is often remembered as one of his most impactful songs.