"Rap God" is a critically acclaimed and influential song by American rapper Eminem. It was released in 2013 as a single from his eighth studio album, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2."

"Rap God" is known for its rapid-fire delivery, complex rhyme schemes, and Eminem's exceptional lyrical skills. The song showcases his technical prowess as a rapper and solidified his reputation as one of the greatest wordsmiths in the hip-hop genre.

The song's production features a heavy beat and a sample from the song "Lose Yourself" from Eminem's 2002 film "8 Mile." The track's intense and energetic instrumentation perfectly complements Eminem's dynamic flow and delivery.

Lyrically, "Rap God" contains various references to pop culture, past rap battles, and Eminem's own career, showcasing his ability to weave intricate wordplay and punchlines into his verses. The song also addresses his impact on the rap industry and his status as one of the most influential and successful rappers of all time.

One of the highlights of "Rap God" is the third verse, in which Eminem delivers a blistering display of his rapid-fire rapping skills, earning him the title of the "Rap God." In this verse, he showcases his ability to rap at an astonishing speed, with a flow that has become a hallmark of his style.

Upon its release, "Rap God" received widespread acclaim from both critics and fans. The song charted in various countries and achieved commercial success. It also earned Eminem several award nominations and accolades.

The music video for "Rap God" features Eminem performing in various settings, including a laboratory and an arena filled with his own clones. The video's visuals add to the song's energy and showcase Eminem's unique personality and charisma.

"Rap God" solidified Eminem's position as a rap icon and continues to be celebrated as one of his most remarkable and impressive songs. It remains a testament to his lyrical prowess and has become a reference point in discussions about skilled rappers and their abilities. The song's impact on the rap genre and its influence on aspiring artists have cemented it as one of the standout tracks in Eminem's illustrious career.