"Por Fin Te Encontré" is a song by Colombian duo Cali y El Dandee, featuring Spanish DJ and producer Juan Magan and Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra. The song was released in 2015 as part of Cali y El Dandee's album "3 A.M."

The song is a fusion of pop and reggaeton genres, characterized by its catchy melody and upbeat rhythm. "Por Fin Te Encontré" is known for its romantic and joyful lyrics, which express the happiness and excitement of finding true love. The title translates to "Finally I Found You" in English.

The collaboration between Cali y El Dandee, Juan Magan, and Sebastián Yatra brought together artists from different musical backgrounds, contributing to the song's unique sound and wide appeal.

The music video for "Por Fin Te Encontré" features the artists performing in various settings, including a beach and a nightclub. The video's vibrant visuals and energetic choreography complement the song's celebratory theme.

"Por Fin Te Encontré" quickly gained popularity in Spanish-speaking countries and became a hit on radio stations and streaming platforms. Its catchy chorus and danceable beat made it a favorite at parties and dance events.

The song's success contributed to the rise of Cali y El Dandee, Juan Magan, and Sebastián Yatra's profiles in the music industry. It remains a well-loved track that continues to be enjoyed by listeners who appreciate its fusion of romantic and danceable elements.