"Perro Fiel" is a reggaeton song by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira, featuring Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Nicky Jam. The song was released in 2017 as part of Shakira's eleventh studio album, "El Dorado." Here's what you should know about the song:

Genre and Style: "Perro Fiel" is primarily classified as a reggaeton and Latin pop song. It features a catchy reggaeton beat, danceable rhythm, and a blend of Spanish and urban music elements.

Collaboration: The collaboration between Shakira and Nicky Jam brought together their respective musical styles, combining Shakira's pop sensibilities with Nicky Jam's reggaeton prowess.

Lyrics and Theme: The title "Perro Fiel" translates to "Faithful Dog" in English. The song's lyrics metaphorically compare a loyal companion to a faithful dog. The lyrics touch on themes of devotion, loyalty, and commitment in a romantic relationship.

Music Video: The music video for "Perro Fiel" features Shakira and Nicky Jam in various urban and tropical settings, with vibrant visuals and energetic dance sequences. The video captures the playful and dynamic nature of the song.

Commercial Success: The song achieved commercial success, becoming a hit in Spanish-speaking countries and among fans of reggaeton and Latin pop music.

Album "El Dorado": "Perro Fiel" is one of the tracks from Shakira's album "El Dorado," which marked a return to her Latin music roots after experimenting with different styles in her previous English-language albums.

Chart Performance: The song performed well on music charts, reaching high positions on Latin music charts and receiving airplay on radio stations.

Bilingual Appeal: Shakira's bilingual skills allowed her to create music that resonated with both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences, contributing to her global popularity.

"Perro Fiel" showcases Shakira's ability to adapt to different musical styles while maintaining her distinct sound. The collaboration with Nicky Jam added to the song's reggaeton authenticity and made it a standout track on her "El Dorado" album.