"Olha a Explosão" is a popular funk carioca song by Brazilian singer MC Kevinho. The song was released in 2016 and quickly became a massive hit in Brazil and internationally. It was produced by DJ Yuri Martins and released under the label KondZilla, which is known for promoting and producing funk carioca music and music videos.

"Olha a Explosão" features an infectious and energetic beat, characteristic of funk carioca, a genre that originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The song's catchy melody and danceable rhythm contributed to its widespread popularity, particularly in the Brazilian funk scene and dance clubs.

The lyrics of "Olha a Explosão" are playful and fun, centering around the idea of a girl causing a sensation wherever she goes, referred to as "explosão" (explosion). MC Kevinho sings about being mesmerized by the girl's beauty and dance moves, expressing admiration and flirtation.

The song's music video, directed by KondZilla, features colorful and vibrant visuals that complement the lively and upbeat nature of the track. The video showcases MC Kevinho and a group of dancers performing energetic choreography in various settings, capturing the essence of the Brazilian funk scene and the song's festive atmosphere.

"Olha a Explosão" received widespread attention and became a viral sensation on social media platforms, further contributing to its popularity and reach. The song's success helped propel MC Kevinho to international fame and established him as one of the leading figures in the funk carioca genre.

Due to its catchy tune and danceability, "Olha a Explosão" became a popular choice for parties, festivals, and dance events not only in Brazil but also among Latin music enthusiasts worldwide.

The success of "Olha a Explosão" opened doors for MC Kevinho to collaborate with other artists and further expand his musical career. The song's impact on the Brazilian music scene and its lasting popularity have solidified its status as one of the defining tracks of the funk carioca genre in the 2010s.