"No Hay Nadie Más" is a Spanish-language pop song by Colombian singer-songwriter Sebastián Yatra. The song was released in 2018 as part of Yatra's debut studio album, "Mantra." It gained significant popularity due to its heartfelt lyrics, emotional delivery, and catchy melody. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "No Hay Nadie Más" is primarily classified as a pop ballad. It features a melodic and emotional arrangement, with Sebastián Yatra's vocals at the forefront.

Lyrics and Theme: The song's lyrics revolve around themes of heartbreak, longing, and unrequited love. The lyrics express the pain of watching someone move on with their life while the narrator is still deeply in love and unable to let go.

Vocal Performance: Sebastián Yatra's emotive vocals and the raw emotion he brings to the song's lyrics contribute to its impact and resonance.

Commercial Success: "No Hay Nadie Más" achieved commercial success in Spanish-speaking countries and among fans of pop music. It became one of Sebastián Yatra's signature songs.

Music Video: The music video for "No Hay Nadie Más" features Sebastián Yatra in a variety of settings, including a picturesque beach and a cityscape. The video's visual storytelling complements the emotional tone of the song.

Acoustic Versions: Sebastián Yatra released acoustic versions and live performances of "No Hay Nadie Más," showcasing his vocal ability in stripped-down settings.

Album "Mantra": "No Hay Nadie Más" is part of Sebastián Yatra's album "Mantra," released in 2018. The album includes a mix of pop and romantic ballads.

Impact: The song's emotional depth and relatable lyrics resonated with listeners who have experienced heartache and unrequited love, contributing to its popularity.

Live Performances: Sebastián Yatra has performed "No Hay Nadie Más" at concerts and events, often receiving emotional responses from fans.

Legacy: "No Hay Nadie Más" remains one of Sebastián Yatra's most well-known and beloved songs. Its sentimental lyrics and emotive delivery have contributed to its enduring appeal.

Overall, "No Hay Nadie Más" is a poignant and heartfelt pop ballad that showcases Sebastián Yatra's ability to convey complex emotions through his music. The song's popularity and relatable theme have made it a significant part of his discography.