"Me Niego" is a song by the Mexican pop band Reik, featuring Puerto Rican reggaeton artists Ozuna and Wisin. The song was released in 2018 and quickly became a hit in the Latin music scene.

"Me Niego" is a heartfelt and emotional ballad that explores the themes of love, heartbreak, and regret. The lyrics revolve around a failed relationship, with the singer expressing their refusal to accept the reality of the breakup. The chorus, with the repeated line "Me niego a perderte," conveys the pain of letting go.

The collaboration between Reik, Ozuna, and Wisin brings together a mix of musical styles, combining Reik's pop sensibility with Ozuna's reggaeton flow and Wisin's urban influence. The result is a fusion of genres that adds depth to the song.

The music video for "Me Niego" complements the song's emotional tone, showcasing the aftermath of a love story with flashbacks of happier times. The video has garnered millions of views on YouTube, contributing to the song's popularity.

"Me Niego" became a massive hit in the Latin music world, topping charts and receiving positive reviews from both fans and critics. Its melodious chorus and the combination of the distinctive styles of Reik, Ozuna, and Wisin made it a memorable and relatable track.

The song's success solidified its place as a significant collaboration in the Latin music scene, showcasing the versatility of the artists involved and their ability to create a powerful and memorable ballad.