"Limbo" is a song by Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee. It was released in 2012 as the second single from his sixth studio album, "Prestige."

"Limbo" is a reggaeton and dancehall-influenced track with a catchy and energetic beat. The song's upbeat rhythm and infectious chorus make it a popular choice for dance parties and clubs.

The song was written by Daddy Yankee and produced by MadMusick, a Puerto Rican production duo known for their work in the reggaeton genre.

Lyrically, "Limbo" does not follow a traditional narrative but rather focuses on creating an atmosphere of fun and partying. The term "limbo" refers to a state of being between two extremes or experiencing a sense of freedom and abandon. The lyrics encourage listeners to let go of their inhibitions and immerse themselves in the dance floor.

Upon its release, "Limbo" became a commercial success and received positive reviews from music critics. The song's high-energy and danceable nature helped it gain widespread popularity, especially among fans of reggaeton and Latin urban music.

The music video for "Limbo" features Daddy Yankee performing the song in various locations, including a colorful carnival setting. The video's vibrant visuals and dynamic choreography match the song's festive and celebratory vibe.

"Limbo" further solidified Daddy Yankee's position as a leading figure in the reggaeton genre and contributed to the ongoing global popularity of Latin urban music. The song's widespread success also helped propel the album "Prestige" to commercial success and increased Daddy Yankee's international visibility.

Over the years, "Limbo" has remained a fan favorite and a staple in Daddy Yankee's live performances. Its catchy chorus and high-energy beats continue to make it a favorite in Latin music playlists and dance floors around the world.