"Grenade" is a song by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, released in 2010 as a single from his debut studio album, "Doo-Wops & Hooligans."

"Grenade" is a soulful and emotional ballad that explores themes of unrequited love, sacrifice, and heartbreak. In the song, the narrator expresses his willingness to go to great lengths and make significant sacrifices for the person he loves, even if it means taking a metaphorical "grenade" for them.

The song's lyrics vividly describe the narrator's feelings of giving his all and feeling unappreciated in return. The metaphor of a grenade emphasizes the intensity of his emotions and the depth of his commitment.

Musically, "Grenade" features Bruno Mars' distinctive vocals and showcases his ability to convey raw emotion through his singing. The song's arrangement includes a combination of piano, strings, and percussion, adding to its dramatic and heartfelt atmosphere.

The music video for "Grenade" portrays the song's themes visually, showing Bruno Mars carrying a piano through the streets, symbolizing the weight of his emotions and sacrifices. The video's somber and melancholic tone complements the song's narrative.

"Grenade" was a commercial success, topping charts in multiple countries and becoming one of Bruno Mars' signature songs. It received positive reviews from music critics, who praised Mars' vocal performance and the song's emotional impact.

The song's popularity helped solidify Bruno Mars' status as a prominent artist in the music industry. "Grenade" has continued to be a favorite among fans and remains an integral part of Bruno Mars' discography, known for its poignant lyrics and powerful vocal delivery.