"Ginza" is a song by Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin. It was released in 2015 as the lead single from his album "Energía." The song became a massive hit and is often credited with helping to popularize reggaeton globally.

"Ginza" features a catchy reggaeton beat with an infectious chorus, making it a danceable and memorable track. The lyrics of the song express a seductive and flirtatious message, with "Ginza" referring to a popular upscale shopping district in Tokyo, Japan. The song's title and lyrics contribute to its appeal, evoking a sense of luxury and romance.

The music video for "Ginza" features colorful visuals and showcases J Balvin's charismatic performance, which further contributed to the song's popularity.

The success of "Ginza" extended beyond the Latin music charts, as it also gained significant attention in the global music scene. It reached high chart positions in multiple countries and helped introduce J Balvin to a broader international audience. The song's fusion of reggaeton with mainstream pop elements and its infectious energy made it a standout track in the reggaeton genre.

"Ginza" is often considered one of the songs that contributed to the resurgence of reggaeton's popularity in the mid-2010s, paving the way for other Latin artists to gain recognition in the global music industry. It remains one of J Balvin's signature hits and a significant milestone in his career.