"Anaconda" is a song by American rapper Nicki Minaj, released in 2014 as a single from her third studio album, "The Pinkprint."

"Anaconda" is known for its explicit lyrics and catchy chorus, as well as its sample of the iconic "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot. The song's lyrics celebrate female empowerment and body confidence, with Nicki Minaj embracing her curves and confidently expressing her sexuality.

The song's title, "Anaconda," is a reference to both the slang term for a well-endowed man and the literal interpretation of the large snake. The lyrics and music video playfully incorporate references to these themes.

The music video for "Anaconda" generated significant attention due to its provocative imagery and choreography. The video features Nicki Minaj and a group of dancers in a jungle setting, showcasing twerking and sexually suggestive dance moves. The video's visuals and Nicki Minaj's bold performance contributed to its viral spread and controversy.

"Anaconda" received mixed reviews from music critics, with some praising its catchiness and empowerment message, while others criticized its explicit content and perceived lack of artistic depth.

Despite the controversy, "Anaconda" was a commercial success, reaching high chart positions in various countries and becoming one of Nicki Minaj's signature songs. The song's popularity and memorable chorus contributed to its status as a cultural touchstone in the hip-hop and pop music landscape.