"Una Lady Como Tú" is a popular song by Colombian reggaeton and Latin pop artist Manuel Turizo, also known as MTZ Manuel Turizo. It was released as a single in 2017 and quickly became a massive hit in the Latin music scene.

"Una Lady Como Tú" is a romantic reggaeton track with a smooth and melodic sound. The song's lyrics express admiration and affection for a special woman, describing her as unique and incomparable. It has a romantic and heartfelt tone that resonated with listeners, making it a favorite among fans of Latin love songs.

The song was written by Manuel Turizo and the Colombian songwriter Julián Turizo, who is also Manuel's brother. It features Manuel Turizo's soulful vocals and showcases his ability to deliver emotive performances in his music.

Upon its release, "Una Lady Como Tú" achieved massive commercial success, topping the charts in various Latin American countries and becoming a crossover hit in the Latin music scene. Its romantic lyrics, Manuel Turizo's smooth and passionate singing, and its captivating melody resonated with audiences, making it a popular choice for weddings, parties, and romantic settings.

The music video for "Una Lady Como Tú" features Manuel Turizo in a picturesque setting, singing about the lady he admires, while the visuals complement the song's romantic theme.

Overall, "Una Lady Como Tú" represents Manuel Turizo's talent for creating heartfelt and soulful reggaeton tracks. Its romantic and melodic sound, Manuel Turizo's emotive vocals, and its expression of admiration for a special woman have made it one of his most successful and beloved songs, capturing the essence of love and appreciation in a romantic context.