"Stressed Out" is a popular song by American musical duo Twenty One Pilots. It was released as the second single from their fourth studio album, "Blurryface," in 2015.

"Stressed Out" is an alternative hip hop and pop rock track with introspective and nostalgic lyrics. The song's lyrics reflect on the pressures of adulthood and the desire to return to the carefree innocence of childhood. It captures the feeling of longing for simpler times and the struggle to navigate the challenges of growing up.

The song was written by Tyler Joseph, the lead vocalist and songwriter of Twenty One Pilots. It showcases his introspective lyrics and unique vocal delivery, as well as the duo's blend of various musical styles.

Upon its release, "Stressed Out" achieved significant commercial success worldwide. It topped the charts in multiple countries and became one of Twenty One Pilots' breakthrough hits. The song's relatable lyrics, catchy melody, and introspective themes resonated with audiences, especially among young listeners grappling with the transition to adulthood.

The music video for "Stressed Out" features Tyler Joseph and bandmate Josh Dun in a suburban neighborhood, portraying their longing for childhood and the carefree days of playing with toys. The video's visuals and storytelling added depth to the song's nostalgic message and further contributed to its popularity.

"Stressed Out" received critical acclaim, with praise directed at its relatable lyrics, infectious sound, and Twenty One Pilots' unique musical style. The song's success propelled the duo to mainstream recognition and cemented their status as an influential act in the alternative music scene.

Over time, "Stressed Out" has remained a fan favorite and a standout track in Twenty One Pilots' discography. Its relatable themes, nostalgic undertones, and the emotional connection it creates with listeners continue to resonate, making it a staple of their live performances.

Overall, "Stressed Out" represents Twenty One Pilots' ability to blend different musical genres and deliver introspective and relatable lyrics. Its catchy sound, nostalgic themes, and the emotional depth it captures have made it one of their most successful and impactful songs, striking a chord with audiences dealing with the pressures of modern life.