"Stitches" is a popular song by Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. It was released as the third single from his debut studio album, "Handwritten," in 2015.

"Stitches" is a pop and acoustic ballad with a heartfelt and emotional sound. The song's lyrics describe the pain and heartbreak of a broken relationship, using the metaphor of "stitches" to symbolize the emotional wounds that the narrator feels.

The song was written by Shawn Mendes, Danny Parker, Teddy Geiger, and Daniel Kyriakides. It features Shawn Mendes' soulful and expressive vocals, capturing the raw emotions of the lyrics.

Upon its release, "Stitches" achieved commercial success and critical acclaim. It topped the charts in several countries and became one of Shawn Mendes' most successful songs. The song's powerful chorus, Shawn Mendes' emotive performance, and its relatable themes of heartbreak resonated with audiences, making it a favorite among fans of pop and acoustic music.

The music video for "Stitches" features Shawn Mendes in various emotional and dramatic scenes, portraying the pain and struggle of a broken relationship. The video's visuals complement the song's themes of heartbreak and healing.

"Stitches" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its emotional and sincere sound, as well as Shawn Mendes' vocal delivery.

Over time, "Stitches" has remained a beloved and iconic song in Shawn Mendes' discography. Its heartfelt and relatable nature, Shawn Mendes' expressive vocals, and its exploration of the pain and healing after a breakup have made it a timeless ballad, capturing the essence of emotional vulnerability in love and relationships.