"Shaky Shaky" is a popular song by Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee. It was released as a single in 2016.

"Shaky Shaky" is a reggaeton and Latin trap track with an infectious and upbeat sound. The song's lyrics are playful and fun, encouraging listeners to let loose and dance to the rhythm. It showcases Daddy Yankee's signature flow and energetic delivery.

The song was written by Daddy Yankee and Urba & Rome (Gaby Music and Rvssian). It features a catchy chorus, a danceable beat, and a vibrant production that embodies the essence of reggaeton's dance-oriented nature.

Upon its release, "Shaky Shaky" achieved significant commercial success, particularly in Latin America. It topped the charts in multiple countries and became one of Daddy Yankee's successful songs. The song's infectious hooks, Daddy Yankee's dynamic vocals, and its danceable vibe resonated with audiences, making it a hit in the reggaeton and Latin music scenes.

The music video for "Shaky Shaky" features Daddy Yankee in various urban and colorful settings, showcasing his performance and encouraging people to dance along to the song's infectious rhythm. The video's vibrant visuals and energetic choreography add to the song's appeal and enhance its impact.

"Shaky Shaky" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its catchy sound, Daddy Yankee's delivery, and its ability to get people on their feet.

Over time, "Shaky Shaky" has remained a fan favorite and a popular choice in Latin music playlists and dance floors. Its infectious and upbeat nature, along with Daddy Yankee's charismatic presence, continue to resonate with audiences who enjoy reggaeton and Latin trap music.

Overall, "Shaky Shaky" represents Daddy Yankee's talent for creating catchy and danceable reggaeton tracks. Its memorable sound, Daddy Yankee's dynamic vocals, and its playful and energetic vibe have made it one of his successful and widely recognized songs, capturing the essence of having fun, dancing, and celebrating life through music.