"November Rain" is a classic rock ballad by the American rock band Guns N' Roses. It was released as a single from their third studio album, "Use Your Illusion I," in 1992.

"November Rain" is a power ballad with a grand and epic sound. The song's lyrics tell a complex and emotional story about love, loss, and the passage of time. It explores themes of heartbreak, longing, and the struggle to hold on to love amidst the challenges of life.

The song was written by Guns N' Roses lead vocalist Axl Rose and features his powerful and emotive vocals. The music showcases the band's versatility, incorporating elements of rock, classical, and symphonic arrangements, making it one of their most ambitious and sophisticated compositions.

Upon its release, "November Rain" achieved significant commercial success. It received critical acclaim and remains one of Guns N' Roses' most iconic and beloved songs. The song's sweeping orchestration, Axl Rose's passionate singing, and its emotional depth resonated with audiences, making it a timeless rock classic.

The music video for "November Rain" is one of the most elaborate and expensive music videos ever produced. Directed by Andy Morahan, it features a storyline involving Axl Rose's on-screen marriage to his then-girlfriend, model Stephanie Seymour, and a memorable performance by Slash, the band's lead guitarist, with his signature guitar solo on top of a grand piano amidst rain. The video's cinematic visuals and emotionally charged scenes added to the song's emotional impact and have contributed to its enduring popularity.

"November Rain" is often regarded as one of the greatest rock ballads of all time. Its intricate composition, powerful vocals, and emotional storytelling have cemented its place as a classic in the rock genre and a definitive song in Guns N' Roses' discography. The song's timeless appeal continues to resonate with both longtime fans and new listeners, solidifying its status as a rock masterpiece.