"Not Afraid" is a popular song by American rapper Eminem. It was released as the lead single from his seventh studio album, "Recovery," in 2010.

"Not Afraid" is a hip-hop and rap track with introspective lyrics that reflect Eminem's personal struggles and determination to overcome obstacles in his life. The song's lyrics touch on themes of self-reflection, resilience, and the decision to face one's fears and rise above adversity.

The song was written by Eminem along with producers Matthew Burnett, Jordan Evans, and Boi-1da. It features a powerful and motivational chorus, a driving beat, and a memorable production that incorporates piano and synth elements.

Upon its release, "Not Afraid" achieved massive commercial success worldwide. It topped the charts in multiple countries, including the United States, and became one of Eminem's most successful songs. The song's heartfelt and introspective lyrics, Eminem's passionate delivery, and its uplifting message resonated with audiences, making it a crossover hit in both the hip-hop and mainstream music scenes.

"Not Afraid" was widely praised by music critics, who commended Eminem for his vulnerability and honesty in the song's lyrics, as well as the song's positive and empowering message.

The music video for "Not Afraid" features Eminem in various urban and natural settings, reflecting the themes of self-discovery and personal growth conveyed in the song. The video's visual style and cinematic elements add to the song's emotional impact and complement its introspective nature.

Over time, "Not Afraid" has remained a fan favorite and a highlight in Eminem's live performances. Its powerful and uplifting message, along with Eminem's heartfelt delivery, continue to resonate with audiences who appreciate rap music with meaningful and personal lyrics.

Overall, "Not Afraid" represents Eminem's ability to create emotionally charged and introspective rap tracks. Its memorable sound, Eminem's heartfelt delivery, and its empowering message of facing fears and overcoming obstacles have made it one of his most successful and beloved songs, capturing the essence of resilience and the journey of personal growth.