"Mi Gente" is a popular song by Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin and French DJ and producer Willy William. It was released as a single in 2017 and gained significant international success.

"Mi Gente" is a high-energy reggaeton and Latin pop track infused with elements of electronic music and dancehall. The song's lyrics celebrate unity, diversity, and the joy of dancing, encouraging listeners to come together and enjoy the music.

The song was written by J Balvin, Willy William, and a team of other songwriters. It features vocals from J Balvin and incorporates Willy William's original song "Voodoo Song" with additional production and lyrics.

Upon its release, "Mi Gente" became a global phenomenon, topping charts in numerous countries and amassing billions of streams and views on various digital platforms. The song's infectious beat, catchy hooks, and dynamic production contributed to its widespread popularity.

The music video for "Mi Gente" features J Balvin, Willy William, and various international dancers, showcasing vibrant visuals and energetic choreography. The video's colorful and diverse representation aligns with the song's themes of unity and inclusivity.

"Mi Gente" received critical acclaim for its energetic sound, catchy melodies, and cross-cultural appeal. The song's success further solidified J Balvin's status as a leading figure in the reggaeton genre and introduced Willy William to a wider global audience.

The song also gained attention for its remix featuring American artist Beyoncé, which was released to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico and other affected areas. The remix brought an added layer of international star power to the track and helped raise awareness for the cause.

"Mi Gente" remains a favorite in Latin music playlists, dance clubs, and international music festivals. Its infectious rhythm, catchy chorus, and celebratory vibe make it a go-to track for getting people on their feet and dancing.

Overall, "Mi Gente" exemplifies the fusion of reggaeton, Latin pop, and electronic elements, creating a vibrant and uplifting song that transcends borders and language barriers. Its success showcases the global impact and popularity of Latin music in the contemporary music landscape.