"Masha and The Bear" (Маша и Медведь) is a popular Russian animated children's television series. "Маша плюс каша" (Masha plus kasha) is one of the songs featured in the show. The series revolves around the mischievous and spirited little girl named Masha and her adventures with a kind-hearted bear.

"Masha plus kasha" is a playful and catchy song that accompanies a specific episode in the series. In the episode, Masha attempts to make porridge (kasha) but ends up causing chaos in the kitchen. The song humorously highlights Masha's antics and her love for porridge.

The show, created by Oleg Kuzovkov, first premiered in 2009 and has gained immense popularity worldwide. It has been translated into numerous languages and has captivated young audiences with its entertaining and educational content.

The animation style of "Masha and The Bear" features colorful and lively visuals, and each episode typically conveys a moral lesson or teaches children about friendship, kindness, and problem-solving.

The "Masha and The Bear" series has received critical acclaim and has won several awards. It has amassed billions of views on YouTube, making it one of the most-watched children's animated series on the platform.

"Masha plus kasha" became a memorable and recognizable part of the show, capturing the fun and energetic spirit of Masha's character. It is often sung and enjoyed by children who are fans of the series.

Overall, "Masha and The Bear" and its songs, including "Маша плюс каша," have become a global sensation, entertaining and educating children with its humorous and endearing stories.