"Hello" is a popular song by British singer-songwriter Adele. It was released as the lead single from her third studio album, "25," in 2015.

"Hello" is a powerful and emotive ballad characterized by Adele's soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The song revolves around themes of nostalgia, regret, and the desire for reconciliation. It explores the emotions surrounding a past relationship and the attempt to reach out and reconnect.

The song was written by Adele and Greg Kurstin, who also produced it. "Hello" showcases Adele's exceptional vocal range and control, as well as her ability to convey raw emotion through her singing.

Upon its release, "Hello" achieved immense commercial success worldwide, topping charts in numerous countries and breaking several records. The song's soaring chorus, poignant lyrics, and Adele's stunning vocal performance resonated deeply with listeners.

The music video for "Hello" was directed by Xavier Dolan and features Adele in a desolate setting, reflecting the themes of the song. The video garnered millions of views within hours of its release and further heightened anticipation for Adele's return to the music scene.

"Hello" received critical acclaim, with praise directed at Adele's vocal prowess, the song's emotional impact, and its production quality. The success of "Hello" solidified Adele's status as one of the most respected and popular artists of her generation.

The song also became a cultural phenomenon, with its lyrics and melody being widely recognized and parodied. It resonated with a broad audience and became a powerful anthem for anyone who has experienced heartbreak or longing for a past love.

Overall, "Hello" showcases Adele's vocal talent and her ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. Its evocative lyrics, haunting melody, and Adele's soul-stirring performance have made it one of her most iconic and memorable songs.