"Escápate Conmigo" is a popular song by Puerto Rican reggaeton artists Wisin and Ozuna. It was released in 2017 as a single from Wisin's fourth studio album, "Victory."

"Escápate Conmigo" is a reggaeton and Latin pop track with a catchy and danceable sound. The song's lyrics describe a desire to escape from everyday life and go on an adventure with a loved one, embracing the spontaneity of the moment.

The song was written by Wisin and Ozuna, along with other songwriters. It features Wisin's signature reggaeton-style vocals and Ozuna's smooth and melodic singing, creating a dynamic and engaging collaboration.

Upon its release, "Escápate Conmigo" achieved commercial success worldwide. It topped the charts in various Latin American countries and became a hit in the Latin music scene. Its infectious chorus, the chemistry between Wisin and Ozuna, and its fun and romantic vibe resonated with audiences, making it a favorite among fans of Latin urban music.

The music video for "Escápate Conmigo" features Wisin and Ozuna in a tropical and colorful setting, with scenes depicting a party and a romantic storyline. The video's visuals complement the song's themes of adventure and romance.

"Escápate Conmigo" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its catchy and upbeat sound, as well as the vocal collaboration between Wisin and Ozuna.

Overall, "Escápate Conmigo" represents a successful collaboration between two prominent figures in the Latin urban music scene. Its lively and feel-good nature, Wisin and Ozuna's expressive performances, and its celebration of living in the moment and embracing love have made it one of the standout tracks in both artists' discographies, capturing the essence of spontaneous and romantic experiences.