"El Farsante (Remix)" is a popular song by Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap artist Ozuna, featuring Dominican-American singer Romeo Santos. It was released as a remix in 2018.

"El Farsante" was originally a solo song by Ozuna, released in 2017. The remix, featuring Romeo Santos, was later released to further boost the song's popularity and introduce it to a broader audience.

The song falls within the reggaeton and Latin pop genres and explores themes of heartbreak and unrequited love. The lyrics tell the story of a person who feels deceived and heartbroken by a former lover, who is referred to as "El Farsante" (the fake one) due to their false promises and deceitful behavior.

The collaboration between Ozuna and Romeo Santos brought together the unique vocal styles of both artists, adding to the song's emotional impact. Ozuna's melodic and emotive singing complemented Romeo Santos' smooth and soulful vocals, creating a compelling duet that resonated with listeners.

Upon the release of the remix, "El Farsante" gained even more popularity and became a massive hit in the Latin music scene. The song topped various charts and received significant airplay on radio stations and streaming platforms.

The music video for "El Farsante (Remix)" features Ozuna and Romeo Santos in a captivating and emotional narrative, showcasing their performances and conveying the song's heartfelt message.

"El Farsante (Remix)" received positive reviews from music critics and further solidified Ozuna's status as one of the leading figures in the Latin music industry. The collaboration with Romeo Santos added an extra layer of appeal to the song and introduced it to a wider international audience.

Overall, "El Farsante (Remix)" represents a successful collaboration between Ozuna and Romeo Santos, showcasing their individual talents and complementing each other's styles. Its emotional lyrics, melodious sound, and powerful vocal performances made it a standout hit in the Latin music scene, capturing the essence of heartbreak and deception in a relationship.