"Don't Let Me Down" is a popular song by American DJ duo The Chainsmokers, featuring American singer Daya. It was released as a single in 2016.

"Don't Let Me Down" is an electronic dance-pop track with elements of trap and future bass. The song's lyrics convey a plea to a lover not to let the relationship falter and to remain committed. It showcases Daya's powerful and emotive vocals, complemented by The Chainsmokers' signature production style.

The song was written by Andrew Taggart (one half of The Chainsmokers), Emily Warren, and Scott Harris. It features a blend of electronic beats, melodic hooks, and a dynamic drop, creating an energetic and catchy sound.

Upon its release, "Don't Let Me Down" achieved significant commercial success worldwide. It reached high chart positions in multiple countries and became one of The Chainsmokers' most successful songs. The song's infectious melodies, Daya's captivating vocals, and the duo's skillful production resonated with audiences, solidifying their status as leading figures in the electronic music scene.

The music video for "Don't Let Me Down" features a desert setting with choreographed dancers and captivating visuals. The video's aesthetics and the high-energy performances add to the song's appeal and further contributed to its popularity.

"Don't Let Me Down" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its catchy sound, Daya's vocal performance, and The Chainsmokers' production skills. The song exemplified their ability to create radio-friendly hits that combine electronic elements with pop sensibilities.

Over time, "Don't Let Me Down" has remained a fan favorite and a highlight in The Chainsmokers' live performances. Its energetic and anthemic nature, along with its catchy chorus, continue to resonate with audiences who enjoy the combination of electronic music and pop melodies.

Overall, "Don't Let Me Down" represents The Chainsmokers' ability to create infectious and energetic electronic pop music. Its memorable sound, powerful vocals, and the collaboration with Daya have made it one of their most successful and beloved songs, capturing the essence of emotional vulnerability, commitment, and the desire for a strong and lasting connection.