"Dark Horse" is a popular song by American singer Katy Perry, featuring rapper Juicy J. It was released as the third single from Perry's fourth studio album, "Prism," in 2013.

"Dark Horse" is a hip-hop and trap-influenced pop song with a dark and mysterious tone. The lyrics depict a seductive and confident Perry comparing herself to a powerful and irresistible force, using metaphors and imagery from Egyptian mythology.

The song was written by Katy Perry, Juicy J, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Cirkut. It was produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Cirkut. "Dark Horse" features a catchy and memorable melody, along with Juicy J's rap verse.

Upon its release, "Dark Horse" achieved significant commercial success, topping the charts in multiple countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The song's unique blend of pop and hip-hop elements, combined with its catchy chorus and intriguing lyrics, contributed to its widespread popularity.

The music video for "Dark Horse" features Katy Perry portraying a powerful Egyptian queen with mystical powers, surrounded by lavish sets and visual effects. The video received praise for its elaborate production and creative interpretation of the song's theme.

"Dark Horse" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its infectious sound and Katy Perry's vocal performance. The song's success further solidified Katy Perry's status as a pop superstar.

The song also garnered controversy regarding its alleged similarity to a Christian rap song by Flame, leading to a copyright infringement lawsuit. In 2020, the lawsuit was decided in favor of Flame, stating that "Dark Horse" had indeed copied elements from his song.

Despite the controversy, "Dark Horse" remains one of Katy Perry's most successful and recognizable songs. Its distinctive sound and memorable chorus have made it a fan favorite and a popular choice for live performances.

Overall, "Dark Horse" showcases Katy Perry's versatility as an artist, incorporating hip-hop and trap influences into her pop sound. Its dark and seductive atmosphere, coupled with its catchy melody, has made it a standout track in her discography.