"Bailando" is a popular song by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, featuring Cuban artists Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona. It was released as the lead single from Iglesias' tenth studio album, "Sex and Love," in 2014.

"Bailando" is a lively and infectious Latin pop and reggaeton track. The song's lyrics revolve around the joy of dancing and celebrating life. It combines Spanish and English lyrics, creating a bilingual and multicultural appeal.

The song was written by Descemer Bueno and Enrique Iglesias, with additional writing contributions from Gente De Zona members Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom. "Bailando" was produced by Carlos Paucar and Descemer Bueno.

Upon its release, "Bailando" achieved significant commercial success globally, topping the charts in numerous countries, including Spain, Italy, Mexico, and the United States. The song's catchy melody, infectious rhythm, and energetic vocals by Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno, and Gente De Zona contributed to its widespread popularity.

The music video for "Bailando" showcases vibrant scenes of dance, culture, and celebration in various locations, including the streets of Santo Domingo, Cuba. The video garnered millions of views and played a significant role in promoting the song.

"Bailando" received critical acclaim for its infectious sound and international appeal. The song's success marked a resurgence for Enrique Iglesias, helping to solidify his status as one of the leading figures in Latin pop music.

The song also spawned multiple remix versions in different languages, including an English version featuring Sean Paul and an English-Spanish version featuring Mickael Carreira. These remixes expanded the song's reach to even wider audiences.

Overall, "Bailando" represents the fusion of Latin and pop music, incorporating elements of reggaeton and showcasing the collaboration between Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno, and Gente De Zona. Its infectious rhythm and joyful spirit have made it a favorite in dance clubs, parties, and Latin music playlists.