"Ahora Dice" is a popular song by Puerto Rican producer Chris Jeday, featuring Colombian reggaeton singer J. Balvin, Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, and Puerto Rican rapper Arcángel. It was released in 2017 and quickly became a hit in the Latin music scene.

"Ahora Dice" is a reggaeton track with a blend of trap elements, creating a moody and atmospheric sound. The song's lyrics revolve around heartbreak and the pain of a failed relationship, with the title "Ahora Dice" translating to "Now She Says" in English.

The song was written by the artists themselves, along with other songwriters, and produced by Chris Jeday. It features J. Balvin's smooth and rhythmic vocals, Ozuna's emotive singing, and Arcángel's rap verses, combining their distinct styles to create a captivating and emotionally charged collaboration.

Upon its release, "Ahora Dice" achieved commercial success and critical acclaim. It topped the charts in various Latin American countries and received significant airplay on radio stations and streaming platforms. The song's melancholic vibe, powerful chorus, and the vocal chemistry between J. Balvin, Ozuna, and Arcángel resonated with audiences, making it a favorite among fans of Latin urban and trap music.

The music video for "Ahora Dice" was filmed in a desolate and apocalyptic setting, reflecting the emotional turmoil conveyed in the song's lyrics. The video's dark visuals complement the song's themes of heartbreak and emotional struggle.

"Ahora Dice" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its moody and atmospheric sound, as well as the vocal performances of the featured artists.

Overall, "Ahora Dice" represents a successful collaboration between Chris Jeday, J. Balvin, Ozuna, and Arcángel, capturing the essence of Latin music's emotional and expressive spirit. Its blend of reggaeton and trap elements, the emotive performances of all artists involved, and its exploration of heartbreak and emotional vulnerability have made it a standout track in the Latin urban genre, resonating with audiences worldwide.