"24K Magic" is a popular song by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. It was released as the lead single from his third studio album of the same name, "24K Magic," in 2016.

"24K Magic" is a funky and upbeat track with a throwback sound inspired by 1980s and 1990s R&B and funk. The song's lyrics celebrate partying, living the high life, and enjoying the luxuries that come with success and fame.

The song was written by Bruno Mars, Christopher Brody Brown, and Philip Lawrence, with production by Shampoo Press & Curl, a production team consisting of Mars, Lawrence, and Brown.

Upon its release, "24K Magic" achieved immediate commercial success and critical acclaim. It topped the charts in multiple countries and became one of Bruno Mars' most successful songs. The song's catchy chorus, Bruno Mars' smooth and charismatic vocals, and its retro-funk vibe resonated with audiences, making it a favorite among fans of contemporary R&B and pop music.

The music video for "24K Magic" features Bruno Mars and his friends partying and dancing in Las Vegas, showcasing the lavish and extravagant lifestyle described in the song. The video's visuals complement the song's themes of luxury and celebration.

"24K Magic" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its infectious and feel-good sound, as well as Bruno Mars' performance.

Overall, "24K Magic" represents a successful and fun addition to Bruno Mars' discography. Its funky and groovy sound, Bruno Mars' charming vocals, and its celebration of living life to the fullest have made it one of his most iconic and beloved songs, capturing the essence of a lively and luxurious party atmosphere.