"Hasta El Amanecer" is a reggaeton and Latin pop track with catchy melodies and a tropical-infused sound. The song's lyrics speak about a romantic encounter that lasts until the break of dawn. It became a massive hit and further solidified Nicky Jam's position as a prominent figure in the Latin music scene.

The album "Fénix" marked a significant point in Nicky Jam's career, as it marked his return to prominence after overcoming personal and professional struggles. The album's title, "Fénix," symbolizes rebirth and rising from the ashes, reflecting the artist's journey towards success and redemption.

In addition to "Hasta El Amanecer," the album "Fénix" features other hit songs like "El Amante" and "El Ganador," which contributed to its widespread popularity and commercial success.

Overall, "22. Hasta El Amanecer" is a standout track from Nicky Jam's "Fénix" album, and its infectious sound and catchy chorus contributed to its success in the Latin music charts and global popularity.