The song "Nada Mudou" is a significant collaborative effort in the realm of Brazilian rap and hip-hop music. This track brings together several prominent artists from the Brazilian music scene, including L7NNON, CHRIS, Ryan SP, Lourena, Xamã, Azzy, Mc Poze, and Cynthia Luz. Released in 2021, the song has garnered attention for its impactful lyrics, diverse musical styles, and the powerful social commentary it presents.

Key Highlights of "Nada Mudou" and the Collaborative Artists:

1. L7NNON:
L7NNON, also known as Leandro Rosa, is a Brazilian rapper and songwriter. He is recognized for his distinct style and thought-provoking lyrics. In "Nada Mudou," L7NNON contributes his lyrical prowess and distinctive flow to the track.

CHRIS is another prominent figure in the Brazilian hip-hop scene. His versatile style and storytelling abilities make his contributions to the song significant. In "Nada Mudou," he adds depth and variety to the collaborative effort.

3. Ryan SP:
Ryan SP is a rapper known for his impactful storytelling and socially conscious lyrics. His presence on the track provides an important perspective on the issues addressed in the song. His words reflect a deep understanding of social realities.

4. Lourena:
Lourena is a Brazilian singer and rapper known for her powerful voice and strong lyrical content. Her contribution to "Nada Mudou" adds a unique dynamic, especially in the context of the song's themes.

5. Xamã:
Xamã is an artist who has made a significant mark in the Brazilian rap scene. His ability to convey emotions through his music and lyrics enriches the song's narrative, making it emotionally resonant.

6. Azzy:
Azzy is another rapper who contributes to the diverse range of voices in "Nada Mudou." His style adds another layer of creativity to the track, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the song.

7. Mc Poze:
Mc Poze, a known figure in the Brazilian funk scene, lends his unique style and energy to the track. His presence showcases the fusion of different Brazilian music genres within the song.

8. Cynthia Luz:
Cynthia Luz is a talented Brazilian singer known for her soulful voice. Her vocals bring a distinct quality to the song, particularly in the context of its more introspective and melodic sections.

9. Social Commentary:
"Nada Mudou" addresses various social and political issues in Brazil. The lyrics explore themes like inequality, racism, and the challenges faced by marginalized communities. The song serves as a powerful commentary on the current state of society, provoking thought and discussion.

10. Fusion of Styles:
The song features a fusion of various musical styles, including rap, hip-hop, and funk. This blend of genres highlights the diversity and creativity within the Brazilian music scene, providing a comprehensive listening experience.

11. Impactful Lyrics:
The lyrics of "Nada Mudou" are thought-provoking and emotionally charged. The artists use their platform to shed light on issues that need attention, ultimately engaging with their audience on a deeper level.

12. Collaborative Excellence:
The success of "Nada Mudou" lies in the synergy between the artists. Their combined efforts result in a track that is not only musically compelling but also socially relevant.

In conclusion, "Nada Mudou" is a remarkable collaborative effort that brings together a talented group of artists from the Brazilian music scene. Through their music, these artists shed light on pressing social and political issues, offering a commentary on the state of society. The song's fusion of musical styles and its powerful, impactful lyrics make it a standout track in the world of Brazilian rap and hip-hop. "Nada Mudou" serves as a testament to the power of music as a medium for social commentary and change, as well as the creative vitality of Brazilian music.